Meet the Team — Oscar, Founder

Meet Oscar, also known as osc.near and osc.sol, our wonderful CEO.

From San Francisco to Lisbon, Tulum to Dubai, Oscar is a world citizen actively trying to make the world a better place to live.

With a very strong career in many areas such as Finance and Technology, we cannot move forward without highlighting some projects such as Travelit Network, a decentralized reputation system on the Ethereum blockchain, and his first Tech Startup Citytags, a revolutionary concept fusing PokemonGO and GroupOn, in which people would chase coupons with AR ‘’it was too early for such a concept’’- shared Oscar.

Regarding what brought us here, Oscar started the initial Bancambios concept in 2014, which was a money exchange kiosk selling Bitcoin.


Antoine Lavoisier

Since then, blockchain and cryptocurrency have evolved, and Oscar, as a savvy entrepreneur, has changed and improved Bancambios to provide everyone with universal access to new decentralized financial tools, allowing people to have access to a censorship-resistant and self-governed store of value with greater capabilities than traditional banking.

Bancambios is the only project that intends to revolutionize the global money markets by programming every single transaction to not only be faster and more cost effective but also to benefit the environment on every single transaction.

Psssst, don’t tell anyone…

…but they are merging DeFi, Artificial Intelligence, and sustainability.

Behind every great entrepreneur it is a great team, and Bancambios has gathered a remarkable group of professionals, each one with unique expertise, creativity, and, most importantly, commitment, which are all essential for any company to flourish.

The tech team is extremely skilled, and they believe that in a world without so many regulations, they would already be transacting cryptocurrencies in the same way that people do with emojis.

When we asked Oscar where he gets his motivation, he pointed immediately to the young generations — “the less educated, the more noble, and the ambitious for a better world” — and how they motivate him to build better finance for them. He also mentioned other entrepreneurs, such Boyan Slat, who is well-known for his innovation to clean the ocean, and Samuel Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX. — “Both have a good approach on how to make the world a better place”.

Life and work experience, a team, and a strong value proposition all seem promising. And what brings this team together is evident: sharing the same vision and values, which is why Bancambios will be present for at least the next decades.

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