Solana x Sustainability

People and institutions should look for opportunities in the middle of technological changes.

As time passes, sustainability will become more important. The agendas of global and local leaders have become preoccupied with how we can be more sustainable to survive climate change.

Regardless of industry, we are facing a near-obligatory requirement for new and traditional projects to actively collaborate in achieving a more sustainable future.

In terms of blockchains, we are witnessing a revolution of climate-related awareness, and how we can provide consensus mechanisms to validate transactions.

Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms are starting to be a noun and criticized due to crypto mining being an energy-intensive process that does not completely rely on renewable energy. They are designed to need computers running all day, every day.

Even the second largest cryptocurrency in the world (Ethereum) is moving to change its mechanism to Proof of Stake (PoS).

Proof of Stake blockchains, such as Solana, foresaw these issues and were able to become the world’s eighth-largest cryptocurrency (at the time of writing) in under four years. PoS only needs computers to run for milliseconds at a time. Because it doesn’t require hard computing work, Proof of Stake has the potential to massively reduce the energy needed to add blocks to a cryptocurrency’s blockchain, besides that Solana introduce an innovative Proof of History (PoH), that is not a consensus mechanism but is used to improve the performance of Solana’s Proof of Stake consensus. PoH is just one way that transactions can be double-checked and validated, and is a massive improvement of efficiency.

Choosing the best of action for today and tomorrow.

We need platforms that aim to deliver the ultimate promise of easing the transition for crypto businesses to a more eco-friendly trajectory.

These should be an asserted value of every Crypto Project or even Hackathons, that can play an important role in incentivizing the participants to build projects with more sustainable consciousness.

Bancambios as an Impact driven solution chose Solana as part of one of their blockchains solution. And are attending the Solana Hacker House in Dubai to take advantage of a five-day offline event with in-person guidance from core Solana Labs engineers, as well as mentorship from other partners.

If you are attending this event you will find a massive opportunity to create partnerships, connect and meet the project in person.

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