The Emerging Technologies Investment Hub opened its doors from May 20 to May 28 during The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Special thanks to EmTech founder and host Alena Yudina, for putting together this Tech Hub, to discover the trends in emerging technologies.

The EmTech Investment Hub is located at Promenade 63, Davos. Without a doubt it is the best spot to meet tech community, innovation leaders, and investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and network with the most active people in the next categories:

- Sustainability in Finance & Tech
- Insights of DeFi
- Smart Contracts
- Blockchain infrastructure
- Insights of VC in Emerging Technologies
- NFT and Metaverse
- Future of Finance

For Bancambios, it is a great pleasure to be part of this event. As the the top topics of WEF2022 are Sustainability, ESG and SDG.

To our surprise Bancambios is the only DeFi project building ESG and SDG-driven decentralized financial networks, utilizing multiple Blockchain infrastructure. We cannot be more proud to be part of this great event.

To review the agenda go to

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