DeFi day at EmTech

We were delighted to meet other impact leaders advocating for Web3 & Sustainability during the World Economic Forum 2022.
For Bancambios inclusion does not only mean adoption, it means including the sustainability factor into the new infrastructure of Web3 Economy. Only if we include an “impact-fee” on every single transaction happening on the entire financial system, can we make a true difference.
Thanks for all the leaders, International EmTech Investment Association to put together an event stressing out the importance of this topic, and for having us. Looking forward to connecting with everyone who wants to take action toward these important goals.

#Sustainability #ClimateChangeNow #SustainabilityGoals #ESGDeFi #SDGDeFi #ESGWeb3 #ReDeFi #WEF22 #WEF2022 #Davos22 #Davos2022 #ImpactWeb3



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